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Gender - Initiatives

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Save the Girl Child Campaign

The Datamation Foundation has been deeply concerned by the declining sex ratios in various parts of the country. Specifically the ratio of the girl child compared to the boys in the age group of 0-6 age group in the last ten years. The Datamation Foundation is a member of PNDT Advisory Committee in Shahdara District Delhi and provides their valuation suggestion to Advisory Committee.

Legal Rights

The Datamation Foundation is providing the Legal awareness to the beneficiaries twice a week under GRC Project. The GRC Advocate and DALSA take the session like individual counseling. Read Story


More than 5000 thousand women have been aware their legal right and 50 cases have been sorted out through Lok-dalat.

Awaaz Uthao

Datamation Foundation is running the Awaz Uthao Campaign in North-East Delhi. In this relation, the Foundation has formed women’s collective group to enhancement of women’s safety. The group supports the women in distress including situations of sexual harassment/assault and rape. The collective is not only support the victim but also work on the preventive measures for the crime of such nature.

Departments like DTC, MCD, NDMC, DDA and Delhi Police is part of Stake holders committee.

Following activities have been done under Awaz Uthao Campaign project by GRC Datamation Foundation:

  • 1. Timely conducting community meeting and other regular meeting with Stakeholders. .

  • 2. Formed the women collective and stake holders committee in the catchment area of GRC Datamation.

  • 3. Regular awareness is being done through different media like poster, plays (Nukkad nataks).

  • 4. Facilitating the process of safety audit and organizing safety walks in the catchment area.

  • 5. Liasioning with other stakeholders

  • 6. Capacity building of the groups.

  • 7. Coordination with consultants and supervisors in forming the stakeholders committee.

  • 8. Documentation of all process and activities and its regular reporting

  • 9. Organizing public events and follow up

Training is given to male and female representatives to monitor the community for cases of violence

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