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Education- Initiatives

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

ICT for Training Initiatives

Datamation Foundation actively champions deployment of innovative ICT tools for Computer education and skills enhancement for the socially and economically disadvantaged women and youth most vulnerable to poverty and exploitation. The Foundation is running Major Cross Cutting Theme Programme on Eradication of Poverty entitled“Empowering the Underprivileged through the use of ICTs”set up the Community Multi-Media Centers (CMCs) in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and other part of India.

The CMCs are located at:

  • Rail Bazar (Kanpur)

  • Basmandi (Kanpur)

  • Bithoor (Kanpur)

  • Jajmau (Kanpur)

  • Bangala Bazar (Lucknow)

  • Nishat Ganj (Lucknow)

  • Kakori (Lucknow)

  • Kasmandi (Lucknow)

  • Farstipur (Barabanki)

  • Babul Uloom Madarsa-Seelampur (North East Delhi)

  • Zaffarabad (North-East Delhi)

  • Khichripur-Trilokpuri (East Delhi)

  • Maujpur (North-East Delhi)


The Foundation has trained more than 20.000 beneficiaries since 2003.

Non-Formal Education and Remedial Classes

The Foundation is running the Non Formal Education and remedial class for those women and dropped out children in the Seelampur-Zaffrabad (Delhi) and in the Kakori (Uttar Pradesh). They have been given free of cost stationary (Study Material) to study in Non Formal Classes/remedial. Charts and models have been used to teach to beneficiaries. They also see audio-visual programs to understand the subject easily. The life skills are also taught to the students.


Over 1000 illiterate women under NFE including drop out children under remedial is given tuition so far.

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